Final Shows of 2016

Hey folks,

I write this in-between email’s, confirming Christmas shows and plans for 2017. It seems the year is quickly slipping away. However we have some great shows planned for St. John’s to send 2016 out in style. More information on Christmas shows coming very soon. I can tell you that myself and KIM HARRIS are doing a brief tour of Newfoundland in November, starting with a kick off show at the Rock House on November 4th (with local party heroes INDIA). Both myself and Kim will be full band for that one. Then it’s off for duo shows at the Citadel House in Lewisporte (Nov.5th) and at the RAC in Corner Brook (Nov.6th).

Also, my new album with Joshua Van Tassel is coming along! Very excited to share this collaboration with you in the new year.

Hope the fall is treating you well. Stay warm.


July 16th @ the Rock House


July 16th at the Rock House will see the Wandering Kind paired up with Green & Gold, and Brianna Gosse, to bring a parting set in the summer heat. With a new album in the works, and hectic lives overlapping, the group will be resetting for a while before resurfacing for shows. New music, and friendship confirmed.

Poster by Corey Isenor.


ECMW 2016

Here’s where you can catch us during East Coast Music Week 2016.

Friday (15th) @ The Legion 10pm

Saturday (16th) solo @ Bluebird North stage 7pm


Best of luck to all involved. Hope to see you soon.

Jake Nicoll – Two Things/Half of Nothing

Jake Nicoll’s “Two Things/Half of Nothing” gives us thoughtful songs, in a beautifully produced double album that is mixed to perfection. There is a youthful spirit in Jake’s voice, with a pronounced delivery, that’s instantly disarming. A comparison to Sufjan Stevens comes to mind, but there is truly an irreplaceable mood in Jake’s music, and particularly in this album. Both playful and sincere. As a drummer, the sense of timing and form is incredibly tight. Interesting arrangements help snare attention on repeat listens, with a sense of experimentation that helps evade easy categorization. There is a warmth in production and instrumentation, with a complimentary mix of piano, drums, synthesizers, strings, and electric guitars weaving a tonal fabric that sounds both nostalgic, and completely in and of it’s time. Both experimental, and accessible. DIY spirit, with an incredible attention to detail. Every moving part is placed perfectly in the mix, to support the landscape of each track. Clarity and balance in production also help make this such a pleasing listen.

Jake’s lyrical depth is also an integral part of this album. Bringing about the thoughts and doubts that reflect the life of a touring musician. Exploring the growth of human conditions, and excavating feelings of nostalgia. Understated, and relatable. This pairs well with an incredibly captivating sense of melody. Unafraid to stretch melodic lines over a wide range, with depth in every hook. On the first half, the title track “Half of Nothing” makes great use of this, opening up in the chorus for one of the most triumphant moments of the album. The proceeding track, “Little Lies” retreats to a hushed, introspective and haunting piano-led waltz. Showing us Jake’s dexterity with songwriting. On the first half we’re also given the conversational exchange, and chugging pulse of “Once You Start Asking”, the melismatic falsetto of “Dream”, and a wash of vocal revelry, with passionate drumming on “Forms”. The second half (“Two Things”) opens up with the calculated, synth driver “Story of Your Life”, furthering proof of Jake’s skills as a writer and producer. We’re then brought through another complex range of songs, from the swagger inducing “Two Things”, to the raucous “Reassuring Song”, the delicate and infectious “Make Believe Misery”, the subtle and remorseful sentiment of “Falling in Love”, to the closing solo of “So Many Songs”, swirling on a dying tape. There are too many amazing moments to list. Amongst two albums worth of carefully produced, meaningful songs.

In a time when music is so easily diluted, it’s nice to know Jake is hidden away in his solace, crafting songs like these.
Songs with an other-worldly melodic sensibility, and exciting, relatable content. With a great sense of harmonic movement, and an instinctual ebb and flow, unafraid to serve what’s best for each song. This is a very exciting album, and a huge addition to the catalogue of music from this province. It’s rare for an artist to release a double album. Rarer still that it can hold attention for it’s entirety. I strongly suggest you listen to this album.


– Steve Maloney



(Printed in the Overcast, March 2016 issue)

Quick Updates and Thanks!

First off, thanks so much to everyone who came out to support the Maloney and Katz tour during February. We hit some bad luck with the always unpredictable NL weather systems, but all in all the shows were great, with half selling out well before we arrived. Thanks for that. We’ve since been rehearsing, and chopping through old demos to get new material up, and on it’s own. More on that soon. Below are some quick updates about what we’re doing in the coming weeks. Hope you’re all doing well.

  • This Friday, March 25th, we will be playing the soft opening of new venue “Factory” ( Show starts at 11pm with an opening set by our friends Rube & Rake. AE Bridger are also on board to close down the night. Factory is the same location at the old Junctions/Headquarters/Velvet. A classic venue for live music. We’re all excited about it.
  • We will be in Sydney, NS for East Coast Music Week 2016, with showcases on the Rising Star, and Bluebird North stages (see “Shows” page for details).
  • Our friend Jake Nicoll has released a truly incredible double album. We’re hooked. You can listen here..  Jake Nicoll – Half of Nothing/Two Things