Hello, again

Hey all,

Hope you’re doing well.

It’s been a strange few years.

I haven’t been keeping up with this website as my songwriting and touring endeavours have screeched to a halt. I’ve taken up work with a musical theatre company and find myself in the wide and wonderful world of theatre and acting most days. Aside from that I’ve been working on music with friends, lending my voice or playing on records and shows and it’s been grand. I do miss the solo hustle though… I continue to write my own music, just not at the pace of my younger self. After my last release in 2017 I had so much drive to keep the wheels turning in that direction, but unfortunately trajectories change and life rolls on another way sometimes. It’s hard to feel too far down about it – I landed comfortably in a creative field where my offerings are put to good use. I hope to piece together another album at some point though… Blowing the dust off this website to hopefully keep folks updated should anything come about. If anyone reads this I hope the past few years have treated you kind, and the gains have outweighed the losses. Thanks for stopping by. See ya soon?

Farewell and Thank You to The Overcast!

A heartfelt congrats, and thanks to Chad Pelley and everyone at The Overcast. The paper will be sorely missed!
I remember helping deliver the first few issues, and the collective sigh of relief was audible. The Scope had long been a fixture of town, with a considerable readership across the city. When they announced their departure I think everyone in/around the arts community felt like they had lost a confidant. Then the Overcast swooped in, not missing a beat. Keeping a similar format, and even incorporating the old Scope racks used throughout the city. There was a buzz of excitement and curiosity. It was heartwarming to witness people’s reaction upon those first deliveries.
The crew at the Overcast were always supportive of my artistic pursuits and I’m very thankful for that. They’ve helped me through reviews, awards, and an overall kindness second to none. Chad even let me write a few articles when I wanted to test the waters. The Overcast also launched at a point in my life where I would still actually leave the house and be social. For me, it was an era of playing in slew of different groups, gigging and touring, and generally feeling even less responsibility than I do right now. It was great.
The Overcast reminds me of playing two sets at the Ship the night before, cooped down behind the front counter of a quiet coffee shop, scruffy, hungover, sipping coffee from a favourite mug, and generally feeling a greater sense of connection with the world/community around me. I guess, what I’m trying to say is… I’m gonna miss the Overcast. Thanks for all you’ve done for the city, and for me personally.
Love you forever.

ArtsNL Awards


Excited to announce that I’m a finalist for ArtNL’s BMO Artist of the Year award, alongside Duane Andrews and Matthew Hollett.

Over the years I’ve watched many friends leave town in pursuit of their dreams and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to live mine out at home. To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and those who have asked me to be a part of their projects and artistic pursuits, thank you. It’s really what keeps me growing and thinking and feeling and living. I am eternally grateful.

Also, a big congrats to Jacinta Mackey Graham on being inducted into the ArtsNL Hall of Honour. I remember Mrs. Graham calling me out of science class in grade 10 to audition for choir. I was shy, in a new school, and didn’t want to speak up, let alone sing out. I’d sit in the back of class and hope to be invisible. Ultimately, Mrs. Graham shined a light on my voice and urged me to use it. I’m not sure what I’d be doing today if I never had her support back then. I (and countless others) owe a lot to her enthusiasm and confidence. Thanks for giving this kid the kick he needed to find value in himself and his craft!


The Borealis Music Prize

Truly unexpected. Thanks so much to The Overcast and sponsor Posie Row for this. I was very proud to be amongst the fellow short-listers, with endless respect and admiration for their work. This is very unexpected, and very much appreciated. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this album possible, especially the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, MusicNL, and Joshua Van Tassel. Thank you! More music coming soon.

Steve Maloney’s The Memory Game Wins Our Borealis Music Prize