Room With a View (cover)



February brings the RPM challenge along every year. It’s always an exciting time with folks hidden away, working through ideas, and banding together for help, creating weird audible joys. Lately, I’ve been working on final mixes for a sophomore release, and running over new recordings from McGill University in Montreal. I had no intension to record an RPM album this year. However,¬†we were moving out of our beloved house at the time, and the spirit struck me. Our old place on Military Road was spacious, with lots of light, and dripping with beautiful and challenging artwork at every turn. I decided to put the creative energy of the home to good use one last time. This album was written and recorded from the top floor, perched in the window, on my last night in the house. Single takes, imperfections included, of these reflective cowboy songs. Certainly one for the night owls.


Hope you enjoy,