ArtsNL Awards


Excited to announce that I’m a finalist for ArtNL’s BMO Artist of the Year award, alongside Duane Andrews and Matthew Hollett.

Over the years I’ve watched many friends leave town in pursuit of their dreams and I feel incredibly lucky that I get to live mine out at home. To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and those who have asked me to be a part of their projects and artistic pursuits, thank you. It’s really what keeps me growing and thinking and feeling and living. I am eternally grateful.

Also, a big congrats to Jacinta Mackey Graham on being inducted into the ArtsNL Hall of Honour. I remember Mrs. Graham calling me out of science class in grade 10 to audition for choir. I was shy, in a new school, and didn’t want to speak up, let alone sing out. I’d sit in the back of class and hope to be invisible. Ultimately, Mrs. Graham shined a light on my voice and urged me to use it. I’m not sure what I’d be doing today if I never had her support back then. I (and countless others) owe a lot to her enthusiasm and confidence. Thanks for giving this kid the kick he needed to find value in himself and his craft!